Monday, June 5

Choosing An Outdoor Wreath

Wreaths are a popular decorating option indoors. The great variety of wreaths and their wondrous beauty make them popular with designers and decorators. Use of wreaths outdoors also provides a great opportunity to increase the aesthetic appeal of one’s home. Often found on door or lampposts, outdoor wreaths are popular outdoor decorating items.

The most famous type of outdoor wreath is, of course, the door wreath so often used at Christmas. Usually made from evergreen branches and decorated with sturdy touches that can withstand the elements, the Christmas wreath adorns millions of outside doors annually.

There are, of course, many other outdoor wreath options. The Christmas wreath, however, offers a wonderful standard against which other alternatives should measure up.

Christmas door wreaths are sturdy. The balsam fir or other evergreen branches tolerate the weather well without significant degradation. All other outdoor wreaths should share this quality. An outdoor wreath will be constantly exposed to the elements. Any outdoor wreath under consideration must be able to handle the probable climate of the region in which it will be used. It makes little sense, for instance, to use a delicately assembled floral wreath when it will be exposed to high winds. Likewise, a wreath resplendent in cloth bows is poorly suited for a rainy environment. Any wreath chosen for outdoor use must be sufficiently sturdy.

Not only should the wreath itself be sturdy. It is also important that the strong base of the wreath be decorated in a manner allowing it to survive the weather. Delicate decorations should be avoided. Items fastened to a wreath should be affixed with wire or a similarly strong method. A small dab of glue from a hot glue gun or a thin piece of thread will never sufficiently attach decorations for an outdoor wreath.

Decorating with outdoor wreaths can improve the look of a home and make it an inviting place for guests. However, appropriate care must be taken to choose wreaths that possess great sturdiness and longevity.